Foundry Coffee House Digital Display

coffeeKalos Art Project has been invited to display images of works of art on the video screen on the west wall at the Foundry Coffee House in downtown Tyler. Since 2015, sets of images of paintings–some well known, others not so–change every four to six weeks. Each image is displayed for 2-3 minutes, inviting the viewer to examine more closely than the average museum-goer, who looks at a painting for only 6 seconds. What can be seen in 6 seconds? Not much. The works displayed may vary from traditional to abstract, from modern painters to Renaissance masters, from bright fields of color to pencil drawings.

If you are unfamiliar with art and how to look at a painting, here is a simple beginner’s guide:

  1. Description: What can be seen in the painting? What is happening?
  2. Analysis: What is the relationship between the different elements you see? What symbols are being used?
  3. Interpretation: What does the painting mean? What is your response to the image? What is the painting trying to reveal?
  4. Judgment: What is your evaluation of the artwork?

So, good luck! Enjoy a coffee or cappuccino and look up! What do you see?