Mockingbird Tyler


Picasso once said, “I am a joker who has understood his epoch and extracted all he possibly could from the stupidity, greed and vanity of his contemporaries.”

At the inaugural 2015 Mockingbird Tyler conference, I spoke on modern art. Is it really a fool’s game? A great con from mediocre artists who prey on our vanity like the Emperor’s New Clothes? Does modern art smack of elitism, of mockery, and of the destruction of traditional values? After all, maybe Picasso was correct!

In a cryptically titled talk, “What the #$%* is a Jackson Pollock? The Messy Grace of Modern Art,” I explored these questions and more. However, to think wisely on these things requires us to answer some foundational questions first:

  • Have we misunderstood the world God has made?
  • Have misunderstood who men and women really are?
  • Have we misunderstood what Christ came to do?

Take a listen here.