Wirzba’s Wisdom

October 11 marks the arrival of Dr. Norman Wirzba, Research Professor of Theology, Ecology and Rural Life at Duke University, to Tyler to discuss the oft-neglected subject of food and faith.

wirzba poster

“Whenever people come to the table they demonstrate with the unmistakable evidence of their stomachs that they are not self-subsisting gods. They are finite and mortal creatures dependent on God’s many good gifts: sunlight, photosynthesis, decomposition, soil fertility, water, bees and butterflies, chickens, sheep, cows, gardeners, farmers, cooks, strangers and friends (the list goes on and on). Eating reminds us that we participate in a grace-saturated world.”

(Excerpt from Food and Faith: A Theology of Eating, by Dr. Norman Wirzba)

Published 6/18/2013.