2012 Winner, Laura Hennessy

Congratulations to Laura Hennessy—the winner of the 2012 Kalos Art Project Visual Art Prize in Ruminate Magazine.


Laura’s art is a “series of photographs of disused books from a thrift store that were transformed into mysterious presences, looking more like life forms than old books.”

She writes, “In my work I attempt to celebrate common objects of function through abstraction, transformation, magnification. When seen up close, all become nameless, free of identity and expectation. I find subject matter that has been reshaped or deconstructed to be more intriguing, less obvious. I strive to surprise, going to great lengths to make the ordinary extraordinary, whimsical, remarkable….With my images, I hope to bring insight and impact to the everyday object, appreciating and illustrating that in everything there is art.”

In selecting Laura as this year’s winner, Bruce Herman wrote, “We live in what many have called a ‘post-literate’ culture whose texts are no longer mainly located in bound paper, read from cover to cover. Our primary texts these days are often images—even what might be called disembodied images or fragments of former images and texts—vestiges of traditional cultural artifacts in mainly digital format, varying intensely in meaning, context, and cultural value. Laura Hennessy’s ‘Dictionary’ communicates all of this without a trace of sentimentality or preachiness or propaganda. It exists like a flower or anemone to be encountered aesthetically as well as with curiosity and extended rumination.”

See more of Laura’s work and her artist’s statement.

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