“This Life,” by Randy C. Randall

mirror-man-of-la_1This Life

I met a man on the pier today
He has been given a different life.

His yellowed teeth, his weary voice
Untaught, unschooled, but not by choice
Ignorance gave an oft-crude tongue.
No song of joy, he’d ever sung.
He’d been given unchosen skin.
Along with this, crushed hope within.
Prejudged by most, he’s suffered so.
A wide embrace, he’ll never know.

I saw a woman at the store today.
She has been given a different life.

Grown children three, but none around
Busy with life, they’ve long left town.
Her husband left her years ago,
Alone to struggle blow by blow.
Through parted curtains, she peers outdoors
For friends to come, but nevermore.
Her family was her life and light,
But now she cries into the night.

I met a man at work today
He has been given a different life

Good fortune came along his way.
“Just my hard work,” he’d often say.
His wants fulfilled, his dreams unfold,
He has been given wealth untold.
Collecting travels far and wide,
Never seeing what’s just outside.
Those less gifted? He has no time,
For they had failed to make the climb.

I watched a child on a swing today.
She has been given a different life.

She swings up high into the sky
Joining the sparrows as they fly.
Dancing in cloudland, now she twirls,
Tosses her corona of curls.
She is sunshine to all around
Though giggles and dirt veil her crown.
Trailing glory, unknown to her.
Days pass fast, and become a blur.

I saw myself in the mirror today.
I have been given a different life.

A life I did not make.
A life I won’t forsake.
For only in this life have I known You,
and you and you and you.