Inauguration Day

real-snowflake-under-microscope-wallpaper-2Inauguration Day

Rivers flow
Winds blow

Rain falls
Crows call

Icicles drip
Trains zip

Finches sing
Bells ring

Acorns wait
Enemies hate

Horses graze
Fires blaze

Men plow
Partners vow

Wounded cry
Shoppers buy

Poor dream
Dying scream

Friends care
Demons dare

Women pray
Children play

Sun sets
Strangers met

Babies sleep
Rich keep

Lovers kiss
Clouds drift

And high above the stone
droplets join hands in the cold
And freeze into six points
as they have done for all time
And drift—slow, slow—
pulled by the mighty earth
And descend in a whisper
to the shoulder of a man’s
black coat who says,
at that very moment,
“So help me God.”